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Sort Photos - easily ? You need Sort Photos. This automatic photo sorter will sort photos
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2 August 2008

Editor's review

We are generally pretty sensitive about storing and organizing images, and hence often put our best efforts in getting this task done. Now, you can delegate all such troubles to Sort Photos 7.91 application, which proves to be an effective utility for sorting the images as per your preferences. It helps in sorting, organizing, and managing all your images in a competent way. You can easily get your images sorted by date, time, dimensions, tag info, etc, and also helps you in effectively managing the large image collection. It also provides you a photo sorting Wizard to work with. The application is compatible with various known image formats like PNG, JPG, JPEG, PDF, TNG, PNG, PSD, etc. The application not only sorts the image file properly, but it also renames and organizes the files automatically.

Sort Photos 7.91 is a good photo sorting utility which helps in proper management of your collections with large number of photos. Starting with the ‘Configuration Wizard’ you need to click on Start and make further selections. ‘Next’ step requires you to select the Source Folder with the help of the given features. Moving further you need to select the action that you want to perform, you can get the files moved or copied as desired. Next is the turn to select the destination folder for storing the photos, it can be default database or folder, or any other folder that you want to use. It’s easy to select separate destination for different types of files. The next step deals with the organization of the photos. You can organize the photos in the desired manner by selecting the suitable photo sorting mode from the provided options. Finishing the selections the program starts processing the photos. It is capable of forming the folders with the files of same date, time, type, etc according to the selected sorting mode. The program ‘Settings’ can be changed related to Source Folder, Start-up, Moving Rules, Renaming Rules, Deleting Rules, Archives, Advanced features and Visual Appearance.

Sort Photos 7.91 offers an easy solution for maintaining your family album effectively, photos of your trip, images of your presentations, etc. Rated with 4.5 points, the application does the task of sorting according to the set preferences, and it also includes features that are simplified to operate.

Publisher's description

Sort Photos - easily ? You need Sort Photos. This full-automatic image organizer will sort photos, manage pictures, organize images, sort photographs of all formats. So, you see - All your photo collection will be organized perfectly with such powerful Photo Sorter. Sort photos by date, organize pictures by time, sort photos by dimensions (organize photos by width and by photography height) - Photography sorting is easy as never before. With such high-grade photo sorting software tool as Sort Photos all your picture collection will be automatically sorted and organized - even if your photo collection has a large size.
Key photo sorter features:
~ Sort photos (automatically)
(with automatic photo sorter)
~ Sort photos smoothly
(with user-friendly picture sorter wizards)
~ Sort photos with high quality
(while photo sorting are used all categories of photo document tags, including EXIF, IPTC, GPS, etc.)
~ Sort photos in one click
(just start photo sorter and all family pictures will be sorted automatically)
~ Sort all photographies, even of rare types
(photo sorter sort more than 729 photo document formats, including all formats of JPG, PDF, JPEG, PSD, PNG, etc.)
~ Sort photos and even much more
(all your photos will be not only sorted - they also will be automatically renamed and organized in full-automatic mode)
Sort Photos - is a full-automatic photo sorter, photography renamer and photo organizer for every computer. This excellent photo sorting tool will sort all your photography collection – fast and easy. Just download photography sorter and all your photos will be sorted, organized and renamed according to your preferences.
Sort Photos automatically - photo sorting never was so easy. To get More info about Sort Photos and free photo sorter download at
Sort Photos
Sort Photos
Version 7.91
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